If you are an owner, general contractor, subcontractor, surety or attorney and are visiting our website for the first time chances are you have encountered a construction related problem and most likely are losing money.

Maybe you’re not exactly sure what the problem is?

Maybe you believe you understand the problem but don’t know how to stop the bleeding?

Or maybe you’ve discovered that it’s too late to mitigate the damage and you now need some help and direction on how best to recover your loss?

Too many project participants tend to look at their projects through rose-colored glasses. They hope their project will turn out profitable even though their gut tells them differently. Ultimately this denial leads to financial impacts that can cripple a business and sometimes even kill it. Reputation is important, but a business does not survive on reputation alone. Profitability is the top priority. Lack of available cash flow affects short and long term business planning, restricts project selection and affects bonding capacity, all of which are the life blood of a contracting business.

So you have a problem! At Paramount Associates we have spent our careers solving problems through early prevention, damage mitigation or as a last resort dispute resolution.

Having determined that you need help, the next question is – “Are we right for you?" Naturally you may have some questions about us and the services we provide. We offer prospective clients access to our vast knowledge and experience regarding the construction business, claims prevention & analysis, and claims resolution. We are convinced our services will benefit you. Therefore in order to prove it, our initial consultation is free.

Take some time to browse our site. Many, if not all, of your questions concerning us are answered here. However, if you have any further inquiries about us or just want to start a dialog, feel free to contact us at:

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