The most important asset a contracting firm has is its PEOPLE! They are the front lines of customer service and the face your customers see every day. Their professionalism and attitude is what will propel your organization to the next level. Therefore it is important that these valuable assets be constantly trained and their skills honed & sharpened if your firm is to outshine your competition.

At Paramount we have long recognized this fact and offer our clients a wide range of training seminars that we will custom tailor to fit your needs. We offer training seminars in one hour, two hour, half day and full day sessions. Some examples of the training programs & topics we offer are as follows:

  • Defining Your Market
  • Increasing Customer Service
  • Professional Project Management
  • Foreman & Supervisor Training
  • Increasing Field Performance/Productivity
  • Claims Avoidance & Resolution
  • Change Order Management
  • Many, many, others
  • Let us know what your requirements are and we will meet those needs!