In today’s marketplace owners are constantly seeking quicker construction completion at rock bottom prices. As a result contractors are being “bid shopped” like never before and forced to “fast track” their work to keep pace with an ever changing project schedule. This, coupled with contractual “change directives” and “hold harmless clauses”, has required the contractor to finance the project and then attempt to recoup the resultant cost either later in the course of construction or most often after project completion. Thus, construction claims throughout the country are on the rise.

Our staff can assist you in avoiding potential claims by incorporating a claims prevention program into your project management strategy. The key to claims prevention and avoidance is early recognition and proper documentation. Every day contractors are being impacted on their projects but for many reasons few understand what is happening to them until its significance affects the bottom line. Often this effect to the bottom line is not felt until the 60% - 70% completion mark. Once they do acknowledge the problem, they very often lack the required backup documentation to support their request for additional compensation.

Our program shows project team members assigned to manage and control the project, both office and field, to understand what an impact event is, how to determine the responsible party, how to quantify the associated cost and how to document it all properly at the time the event occurs rather than at the end of the project. The advantage of early recognition allows the contractor to take a more proactive approach to change orders, requests for equitable adjustments, time extensions etc., thereby affording the contractor the best opportunity for financial success.

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