In order to win a construction claim you must prove “Entitlement”. To prove entitlement you need to demonstrate the three elements of entitlement: Impact, Causation and Damages. First, you must show that an impact event (such as a delay or disruption) occurred on the project which adversely affected your work. Second, you need to tie that impact event to the party responsible for creating it. Third, you need to prove that the impact event created a loss of time, money or both, and that the loss was not self-induced.

At Paramount Associates we are experts in the claims analysis process. We provide our clients with analysis in such areas as:

  • Bid/Estimate Analysis
  • Buyout Analysis
  • Initial Staffing & Manpower Analysis
  • Turnover & Transition Analysis
  • Material Delivery Analysis
  • Complete Schedule Analysis including Time Extension
  • Delay & Disruption Analysis
  • Constructive Acceleration Analysis
  • Out-of-sequence Analysis
  • Loss of Labor Productivity Analysis
  • Differing Site Condition Analysis
  • Defective Plans & Specifications Analysis
  • Change Order Analysis
  • Project/Financial Cost Analysis
  • Extended Overhead Analysis Labor & Material Escalation Analysis
  • Analysis of Submittal, RFI (and others) Turnaround Time
  • Subcontractor Performance Analysis
  • Owner/CM/Architect/Engineer Performance Analysis
  • And much, much more!

Whether you are attempting to settle a large change order, trying to obtain a “Request for Equitable Adjustment” or entering into formal litigation, our staff can assist you with defining the issues and events that impacted you throughout the course of the project, pinpoint the party responsible and quantify the “complete” financial loss to the job.

We can assist in the formation of your claim or assist you during and/or post "discovery” to further refine your approach. If you don’t have the resources to build your claim “in-house”, Paramount Associates can package the claim for you.