On a construction project any request for additional compensation as a result of project acceleration, delay or disruption will almost assuredly require a “Schedule Analysis" to substantiate the amount of time affected by these impacts. A professional schedule analysis can support an affirmative claim for compensation and also defend against a questionable claim/counterclaim. Once the analysis is complete and “compensable” time determined, the monetary damages (if any) associated with the time impact can then be calculated and submitted for approval.

Paramount Associates assists our clients by providing professional schedule analysis either in the initial scheduling phase, through monthly monitoring, or through post project efforts. Our schedule analysis withstands the toughest scrutiny and provides the client with the best chance of financial recovery.

Our staff will assist in the initial stages of schedule formation by tying the actual estimate to the actual activity descriptions and durations (with or without cost, resource, or manpower loading). We can also review the overall project schedule for “build-ability” and assist in the monitoring of monthly progress. This provides our clients with a heads-up of potential problem areas and how to avoid them. The review will also assist in schedule recovery, as well as providing the documentation, should a claim request be required.

Paramount is knowledgeable in the use of today’s most sophisticated CPM scheduling software (such as Primavera’s P6®, E/C® and Suretrack® systems, Microsoft Project®, etc.) and can provide our clients with the following types of schedule analysis:

  • As-planned vs. As-built analysis
  • Change order analysis and its effect on the project
  • Changes to the construction sequences
  • Schedule Impact Accountability Analysis
  • And other methods

Use of such analysis can provide substantiation for inclement weather related impacts and well as excusable and non-excusable project delays.

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